Basics to Capturing Media

Most modern Marketing requires a fluent understanding of multimedia. That includes being at least modestly savvy with photo, video, and audio formats. I hope to compile a crash course of concepts so if you ever have the opportunity to create a piece of media, you at least have a grip on the fundamentals. I’ve taken […]

How to Make the Perfect Birthday Cake

Almost everyone has or will make a birthday cake. But, not everyone is as prepared for all that making a cake entails. Here, I will detail all the steps involved in making the perfect birthday cake. This step by step guide will provide all the recipes, instructions, and tips for making a great tasting and […]

Adopt or Foster a New Best Friend, It Might Just Be the Best Thing for Your Mental Health in These Times.

Delaney Slade Most everyone’s lives have been altered in some way due to COVID-19, one of the demographics of people that have been uniquely impacted are current university students. While everyone is going through changes and shifts in their work and everyday lives, students’ whole plans have been changed. In an already anxiety-inducing time for […]

The Supposed Growth of Alternative Media

The Supposed Growth of Alternative Media The internet has been reshaping our society since its earliest days.  Perhaps the most dramatic and significant change is that of media consumption.  Consumers increasingly rely on online content for both their entertainment and news.  I, Steve Lauder, will try to show the shape this trend has taken over […]

10X How to Fish Catalina Island, CA

10X Guide to Fishing Santa Catalina Island, California Tanner Boston LOCATION Catalina Island is located 26 nautical miles across the sea from Orange County, California. The island is home to many people as well as many different types of fish. Catalina’s waters consist of mostly kelp and deep rock structures. Every year thousands of weekend […]

Best 2020 Netflix Releases College Students should watch during Quarantine:

1. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness Joe Exotic was married to not one, but two men at the same time. Throughout the documentary, you get the sense that neither of these men are willing partners. It is revealed that much of the relationship with these two young men was fostered upon their drug addiction. […]

A Guide to Chinese Web Fiction Market

Are you interested in the web fiction market? Do you wonder what the web fiction market looks like in one of the east world that has a very different culture than the U.S.? We will go through the Chinese web fiction in this guide, and after reading it you will have a basic understanding about […]