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Finding Fitness in Missoula Montana


So you are coming to Missoula, MT or you have lived here for a while or in the surrounding area and you want to get more active, or continue being so.

Many of us think that fitness is an all or nothing thing.  We think that if you don’t make the time, all the time, that its something that can’t be achieved.  We top it all off with the thought and personification of the type of people that dedicate their time to fitness and we see ourselves as not that type of person so we become discouraged and decide to shy away from it.

What if I were to tell you that there is a place for every type of person with every type of goal.   There are places right in your very own community that are tailored specifically for what you have in mind. You would most likely say that I’m crazy and this is just some sort of fantasy. You would say that there aren’t that many people like you and definitely not into the types of fitness or athletics that you’re thinking about!!

Well I’m here today to tell you that its not some fantasy, that right here in your local community there are places that are ideal for what your goals and abilities are. That with just a little bit of looking you can find something perfect for you.



When you start looking for businesses that might be a part of this physical fitness industry it can be a daunting task, as it’s not really apparent what each one has to offer, let alone know what you’re really interested in.  This combined with the foreshadowing thoughts of not finding what you’re looking for in the first place causes many of us to quit before we’ve even started!

So we do what everyone does, we judge a book by its cover and then end up not doing anything anyways.  We then follow up with the thought that there isn’t anything around me that fits me or my personality, or my goal, or my level.  Finally, we just don’t do anything.

So how do we get past this?  How do we find what’s right for us and get started? We get online, and hopefully we find a guide like this one for our local community and begin the path towards a healthy lifestyle.

Missoula, MT is a great place and as every great place goes, we have many options here for fitness.  Ranging from large everybody Gyms, to the Outdoors to niche facilities that cater to certain types of fitness, Missoula has an option for your goal, lifestyle and individual pursuit.  The issues arise with what is available and where do I go?

Hopefully, this video breaks it down for you and helps in finding what is right for you!!



So….you’ve watched the video….now what?

Well now we have some choices, we have some ideas that we want to pursue and we have a starting off point. The basics! The questions is…..what do we do with this information?

Fitness is of course a life long journey and part of that journey is finding people that you want to be around when you take part in it or for some us the perfect alone time to get away from it all.

The video, while not all encompassing is that start to your journey, or a continuation there-in.  We all forget sometimes the options that are around us and only think of the things that we have tried in the past which more often than not confines us and creates limitations to what we are thinking or going after.  The purpose of this video was to undo those limitations and get your mind thinking again of ways to improve yourself through fitness in the Missoula Community.

I know without a doubt that many of us do not find a lot of these options appealing, but I also know that there is at the very least one that we are already interested in or one that we have tried before and would go back to.



Some important questions will need to be answered once a decision has been made to follow your fitness goal.  A big one, and one that many of us are concerned with is financial.  How much does it cost to be a part of my new-found group and can I even afford it?

The answer to that is entirely up to you.  We all have things that we are willing to spend money on, and we all have things that we prioritize financially.  SO, the big question is: How much are you willing to commit to this?

The answer will quite often surprise you.

If money is not an option, then follow your every whim and desire, do what makes you happy and try everything!!! Unfortunately, money is usually a driving factor.  Fortunately, here in Missoula, MT there are options that can fit any price point and any fitness desire.

Personally, my favorite and one that costs $0 is Outside.  In the video, Blue Mountain is mentioned, which is just one of many outdoor hiking/running/mountain biking/ and horse-riding trails available.  This option costs no money and provides you with your choice of environment as well as the option to bring a long any pets that might enjoy the outside as well.

But, fortunately this list has many different choices and depending on the mood you find yourself in you should be able to choose something within these categories that meets your needs.



All in all, fitness comes down to you.  Missoula, MT has a myriad of options that can facilitate anyone.  The big and difficult thoughts come down to you and what you would like to try. What do you want and what are you willing to do to be a part of it?  These are the questions that you’re going to have to answer.

So what you do now is up to you. Do you get active in your community, do you get healthy, do you find something that increases your well-being?  Or, do you go back to the slow, boring day-to-day that keeps you bogged down.

We all know the choice is up to us… lets make the choice, choose fitness and find your spot in Missoula!!



If you would like to know more here are links to some of the sites mentioned in the video:

Good luck and hope to see you out there!!


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