Welcome to WordPress. This is our first post. I’ll show you what I am looking for in your reports.

Please note, don’t cut and paste out of MsWord. It messes with the formatting. All content needs to be created within WordPress.

At the beginning of your post, you should have a one-sentence intro, like this:

This guide on … marketing was created by Mario Schulzke, an instructor at the University of Montana who once won a costume contest in Canada.

Titling your post and url.

Each post should be titled as followed:

A Guide On Email Marketing

Then your url should be: https://14ideas.com/email-marketing/

Use big images.

Both as a featured image and then throughout the text. Make sure you size the image to be at most 1200px wide for the featured image. Then all images in the post should be 640px wide. Make sure to caption it.

Do use a lot of images throughout and make them relevant. This pumpkin is not relevant.

not a huge pumpkin but a decent sized one
not a huge pumpkin but a decent sized one

Use h3 as your headings throughout the post.

Use h4 as your subheadings

All text should be simple paragraph style like this.

Don’t add any tags or categories to your post.

Embed videos.

Link out to other pages

Whenever you link out to other pages, I’d like you to do it right underneath the paragraph that pertains to your content. Like, at the end of this paragraph I’ll link to the sites we have worked on this semester.

unbelievably – where we create to drive traffic

Creatorsetups – interviews with people building cool things

Seniorlevel – interviews with leaders in business and life

Make sure your post is optimized for search engines.

So add both a page title and meta description below. Use The Yoast SEO plugin below.

I want you to optimize for whatever your guide is about. So for email marketing for example, make email marketing your focus keyphrase and then try and get a perfect score in the SEO analysis below.



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